The wedding day is among the most awaited day and also the most memorable day of everyone’s life. So, everyone desires to celebrate it in the loudest style. To double up the celebrations the Wedding Limousine must be decorated in such a manner that all realizes that it’s their wedding day. Lots of people support the custom to decorate the bride and groom’s automobile. It enhances the look of the vehicle on the day of the wedding in which they will leave the wedding ground. Nowadays renting a Wedding Limousine, on the wedding day is a familiar practice. A Limousine ensures that the bride and groom arrives and departs in a magnificent way. When a Limo is decorated according to the occasion it can give some extra beautiful memories to cherish and some picture-perfect moments.        

Prior to the decoration of a Wedding Limousine on the special everyone will come up with numerous ideas and plans. But to make a mark in decorating the limo on your wedding, only the optimum innovation can click. You need to come up with some spectacular idea and be focused on your desire. Driving out in a Wedding Limousine on the day of wedding decorated in a proper manner can be a scene worth watching. Some of the most favored styles to decorate a Wedding Limousine are discussed below  

Decorating Wedding Limousine
  1. With Flowers:- Most of us prefer flowers for decoration irrespective of time, place and occasion. The Wedding Limousine is one such display place. Rather than using flowers of one color, putting a color combination should be great to look at. Sometimes the flowers always used customarily can be substituted by non-traditional ones. Anything decorated with flowers can be impeccable.
  2. Without Flowers:– Flowers seem to be an integral part of decoration when it comes to decorating a wedding vehicle. So, moving away from the time-bound practice might give a unique appearance to the Wedding Limousine. To replace flowers one can use the stickers. You can use a design which will match well with your personality. The use of paper flowers can also give the Limo an adorable look.      
  3. Ribbons:– It can add some extra colors to your Wedding Limousine. There are brighter colored ribbons as well as lighter ones which can be picked according to the desire. Ribbons can be given the shape of a heart and can be pasted upon the front side, grills, doors, roof or the bonnet. This provides an exceptional appearance to grab the attention of a person driving by.    
  4. Placards:– A well-designed placard can also be used in decorating your Wedding Limousine. Since the automobile in use is a Limo, there is enough space outside and inside. A collage of images, of the bride and groom, can be made upon some placards and then stuck to the Limo. This is one more way to let others know how exciting the day is for you. Placing a couple of such collages inside the Wedding Limousine can be of some more fun.    
  5. Balloons:- Another striking idea is to attach a few balloons. These are one of the most used decorative items on any celebration. Using balloons of different shape is an additional way for adding zing to wedding ride. Just make sure the balloons blend well with the flowers or the ribbons being used to adorn the Wedding Limousine.  

A couple of things that are brought into play are of traditional beliefs. Many believe that to tie an old pair of shoes to the Wedding Limousine (made of leather) will keep off evils. If old shoes are not available some tin cans can be used.     

After getting the Wedding Limousine decorated, the last thing that needs to be attached to the Limo is the placard whereupon the two words scribbled should be “Just Married.” But before doing all the decorations do have a chat with the Limo providers if such things can be done. One needs to be very careful while doing the decorations so that no scratches or scuffing happens. The rental company will also help out with what tapes or adhesives to be used so that the paint is not damaged.   

Decorate the Interiors

Besides decorating the outside the interiors of the Wedding Limousine can also be decorated on the wedding day. Ribbons, Flowers and Balloons can also be put inside but in lesser quantity. A Limousine always has enough space and accessories to carry beverages and snacks. Some champagne bottles can be placed in a bucket of ice as it is usually done. Some snacks can also be included or a box of chocolates or some grapes or strawberries. These things will create a certain aura of romance as the newly wedded couple drive out in their Wedding Limousine.   

Why to Decorate the Limousine?

A beautifully decorated Wedding Limousine will be an object of attraction for many. When such Limo is moving over the street, people driving along might offer good wishes. At the same time, commuters walking sideways may wave and shout a wish. Moreover, marriages are once in a lifetime event and everyone wants to make the most out of each moment. Every couple’s happiness knows no bounds when they rent a Wedding Limousine on this special day. An automobile always gets a splendid look after it gets decorated. But, when someone is planning for an extravagant marriage ceremony, considering a Limo would be fantastic. Limousine is always counted as a majestic ride and getting adorned makes it a perfect treasure.      

Decoration as per Theme

The latest ongoing trend in the wedding is “theme.” The families involved in a wedding or the bride or groom has to decide upon a theme. Accordingly, each and everything that correlates the wedding is molded in that theme. Right from the color of the Limousine to the attire the newlyweds wear. Decorating the Wedding Limousine as per theme needs great perception because you would never want your special ride to be something not in sync. The flowers, balloons, and ribbons, everything you choose for the decoration should complement each other. You need to choose your colors wisely. When everything is kept as per the wedding theme, every woman adores it.  

A lot of people do inventive things while decorating a Wedding Limousine. Some creates hearts with flowers and ribbon and some creates perpetual rings. Some draws messages using the petals of flowers. Bows of ribbon and streamers can bring out graceful movement. And with those striking arrangement of flower onlookers are bound to give a turn-around look at any strikingly decorated Wedding Limousine.  

The Summary  

Marriage is among the splendid celebration of the life that everyone has to go through. One should always wish and plan accordingly to enjoy a memorable time in her/his own wedding. They must provide themselves the most excellent possibility of initiating it by taking the first steps in a cautious manner, which means a lot.